22 comments on “Adagio in D Minor

  1. Howard Shore used it in The Fellowship of the Ring with the track The Bridge of Khazad Dum; It starts at about 4mins 30secs, dunno who the originator is but it isn’t john murphy.

  2. It was also used in Spartacus Blood and Sand after Varo’s death as well as the new preview for X-men days of future past.

  3. In fact according to Wikipedia.org:

    “Adagio in D Minor”

    The most common tracks adapted for other media are “Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor)”, and “Kaneda’s Death Pt. 2 (Adagio in D Minor)”. Variations of the adagio’s progression appear in many films, television programs, trailers, and adverts. Notably, John Murphy heavily re-used the adagio as a theme during composition of the Kick- Ass soundtrack, and wrote a series of variations for use in the film. Other examples include:

    A trailer for the movie The Big Picture, original title ‘L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie’
    A trailer for the movie Blindness
    A trailer for the movie The Adjustment Bureau.
    A trailer for the movie “Like Dandelion Dust”
    A trailer for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
    A trailer for the IMAX documentary Hubble 3D.
    The unaired pilot episode of the television series Fringe.
    The season finale of the 2009 television series V (season 1, episode 12: “Red Sky”).
    Multiple episodes of the television series The Walking Dead (season 1, episode 5: “Wildfire”; season 2, episode 1: “What Lies Ahead”).
    An NBC feature on speed skater Apolo Ohno that aired on 14 February 2010 during the network’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
    The 2009 film The Lovely Bones
    The advert used in Cineworld cinemas
    Episode 2 of BBC 2’s How to Grow a Planet
    The opening segment on HBO’s 24/7 Rangers vs. Flyers series that debuted in December 2011.
    “View from the ISS at Night” – A Timelapse video of the Earth compiled by Knate Myers from still photos taken from the International Space Station and archived at the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory at NASA.
    A trailer for the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
    A trailer for the movie Star Trek Into Darkness.
    A 2012 advert for Dior perfume “J’adore”.
    A 2013 advert for a Samsung Smart TV.
    BBC Documentary Asteroids – The Good the Bad and the Ugly
    A TV spot for the 2013 film Gravity
    A trailer for the movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past.
    A 2013 NASCAR/ESPN advert
    A 2013 Nike Canada advert “All Ice is Home Ice”

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