4 comments on “The Departed

  1. The fat guy obviously told the second mole(the guy that kills Di captio) about the meeting on the rooftop.

    It’s not hard to deduce, screenwriters don’t have to baby feed you the whole story.

    I do agree that I didn’t find the need for Damon to kill Nicholson believable. More importantly, the way Di Caprio leaves the scene were Nicholson and most of his gang where slaughtered unscathed and without being arrested was just silly.

    Also, Wahlberg going awol and then reappearing to just put one in Damon’s head and the way it was executed was rather unsatisfying.

    • I suppose the fat guy could have told him, though that was no means clear. Also unclear was how the second mole knew that Costello was an FBI informant or that Damon was the first mole. There was no way for him to know those things as far as I recall.

  2. Well, there’s a lot about THE DEPARTED that I don’t like, but some of your arguments are as unsatisfying as Dignams final appearance (Though now that I’ve seen INFERNAL AFFAIRS with its two different endings, I’m beginning to appreciate it).

    I didn’t quite care about Sullivan shooting Costello. Actually I think it fits the character. “It’s unclear to me exactly what Damon was afraid of” — have you seen this guy? I think fear is rooted deeply in his personality. Combined with a drive to prove himself. First, he’s pissed because of the way Frank treats him. Throughout the movie, for me, it becomes clear, that he’d rather be a real statie than a rat, criminal, whatever. Also, if I recall this correctly, Frank rages out and shoots (definitely not sure here, it’s a pretty fast scene) so Sullivan shoots “back”.

    I kinda agree with you on Costigan though. I didn’t quite understand why he didn’t at least try to contact Dignam personally (or why we don’t learn why he isn’t successful.. I mean, where the fuck would the guy be that there was no way of finding him?). Yeah sure, insecurities and paranoia do come with the job, but that really annoyed me.

    “even though ALL the inside tips we’ve seen Costello receive in the entire rest of the movie came only from Damon.” – think about it. Quite often Sullivan acts surprised about something Costello knows. Yeah, everything we see comes from Sullivan.. We don’t know about the communication between Frank & Barrigan (“Who is this guy?” — I’m not 100% sure here either, but you’ll figure out who I mean.), so there is no way of knowing, at which point Barrigan “becomes” the rat. In the Academy? Even before that? After Sullivan gives him advice to go it alone?

    I agree with you on the “the fat guy (=Brown) could have told him”.. We don’t know about the situation at the department. Costigan told Brown to bring Dignam. What if he told Barrigan instead? Because I don’t know. Or maybe Madolyn had ANOTHER affair – with Barrigan – and told him about the quarrel between her two other boyfriends. Well, guess it’ll take me another few runs through the movie to figure it out.

    (I’m a little with ‘Jon Jon’ here — screenwriters don’t have to baby feed you the whole story)

    • It’s been a while, I admit, but I’m still unclear on how a mob boss being an FBI informant works. I mean, usually an informant is a lower-level crook, not the crime lord. They gain protection by giving up people higher up than themselves. If there is no one higher…then who do they give up? But if Costello being an FBI informant did make sense, I would have to agree with you that Sullivan (who does seem to be deeply rooted in fear) would be in-character by shooting him.

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