15 comments on “Why Skyfall Makes no Sense (from start to finish)

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  2. Can Sam Mendes arrange for better sizing on the suits that Bond and Malory wore? Bond’s suit looks at least 1 size too small. Not fashionable….

  3. Why did Silva (an assassin) hire another assassin (& pay him E4M) to kill the Asian guy in Shanghai. Why did they need to have the assassination in Shanghai happen from a building across the road, through two layers of glass, when it seems that everyone else in the room with the Asian guy & the Modigliani is in on the hit – since they all move very quickly to deal with the body once he is shot. Why didn’t one of those bad guys in the room with the Asian guy just shoot him ? Or hit him over the head with a candlestick ?

    • That’s exactly my problem – I’ve been all over the internet waiting for someone to explain this. What an expensive way to kill a guy who’s surrounded by all your killers. Then they just start mopping up. What? Their union doesn’t allow them to do hits off the mainland? The only possible reason is to report the hit without arousing suspicion on oneself. Still if I was some millionaire’s head henchman, I’d either be with him all the time or I’d still suspect he guys who called him into a private room despite the fact that he was shot from outside.

  4. The depleted uranium bullet immediately forced me to make a wtf face, there’s seriously 0 benefit in having a depleted uranium round, a 9mm with a DU core is going to weigh less than a .45, it will do no extra damage with barely noticeable penetration property, and an assassin’s not going to carry around exotic ammunition so that when he sprays it on the street, even the most basic forensic department would be able to notice something odd..

    That whole enemy in the shadow thing was an interesting idea, actually taking espionage to the age of the internet, but they barely tackled that, instead they drove up to Scotland and started a shoot out with double barrel shotguns, well, at least Joe Biden was right, you really can defend your property against people with assault rifles armed only with double barrel shotguns… can’t believe people said this is the best Bond ever, and seriously? Palm print pistol? with 3 LEDs? Prop department running low on cash? … and that GPS distress tracker was huge, I’m confused.

  5. 1. He underestimates the trackability of them, or he would not use them. And he uses them because he is being pursued and is trying to put off and/or kill his pursuer.

    2. This is the film’s big nod to the implausible ‘superhero’ nature of James Bond. Yes, he clearly is a dead man. The opening titles even show him going to Hell while the song lyrics spell out that ‘this is the end’, he has ‘drowned and dreamt’ the rest of the film in his dying moments, perhaps(?!) – 007’s self-confessed hobby is ‘resurrection’.

    3. Watch the film again for this explanation (about the gas and electricity supplies). Silva’s (and Q’s) abilities with computers are admittedly unrealistic/futuristic. Bond films are set ‘5 minutes into the future’.

    4. Your best point so far. As in the books, M sends his (her) best man out alone, kill-or-cure. Silva even comments on this, meta-textually. Why on Earth other agencies would agree to leave the man to MI6 (M requested this?) is not explained, but we do know that the very existence of the list shows M i snot being honest with the other NATO powers.

    5. Bond guesses she was rescued from prostitution, but Silva later turned out to be worse. It’s made very clear she is useful to (and a lover of) the villain in his schemes until this point. And Bond did plan to get captured, yes – his tactic has always been confrontation. Very risky, though!

    5a. They were always going to dispense with Patrice, so they attack Bond in the casino (is the money even genuine?). Silva wants Bond to feel he is in control so that his plan works…

    6. Silva, remember, is planning to get caught by MI6 and shipped back so he can confront and then kill M.

    7. He also wants to bring down MI6 and all his actions work towards this – his message to Q shows he has deeper knowledge than anyone suspects. And he is, crucially, deranged.

    8. Bond expected a gun room with many weapons. M insisted on ‘just us’ because of the slaughter; she trusted Bond to protect her.

    9. Again, because Silva is mad. Bond and M underestimated him/his resources again, though, after his main plan failed, in that he somehow acquired the helicopter and two more waves of men.

    10. Again, Silva is stark-staring mad! And now he has been caught in a blast and is probably concussed as well – all his subsequent scenes show his madness tipping over the edge. Also, Bond villains NEVER do that anyway!

    11. You just can’t get the staff! Also, this man was deaf and dazed having been caught in that blast.

    12. The list of agents was reacquired along with Silva and his computer. They then made sure he had not spread the data further – thus Q falls into his trap. Of course, Silva only wanted the list as bait and to set the ball rolling to MI6’s discrediting anyway.

    • I agree with some of these points–but I still feel that saying that “it’s James Bond, so the villains are crazy and the heroes are indestructible” is a bit unfair when explaining why silva does the stupid things he does or how Bond survives seemingly lethal situations. Yes, Silva is mad, but in a very specific, psychopathic way–he’s supposed to be highly intelligent and good at what he does, not sloppy. Also, if M was so eager to avoid slaughter, why did she go to the hearing and risk luring Silva to a room full of unsuspecting innocent people instead of leaving? Why did she not prepare a trap for him then, since she knew he was coming to kill her?
      These are 00 agents. It’s their job to fight guys like Silva. Bringing more of them to the house in order to stop a deranged terrorist makes much more sense than going with only Bond and risking him killing them both and then getting away. That’s my take on it, anyway.

    • Hehehe what an idiot dude just stay off the internet okay? “Bond dead and gone to hell” ya right u knw my dad’s a doctor you might want to check with him

      • My dad is also a doctor.

        I am not saying Bond could never have survived…but without medical care, unconscious, with two bullets in him, underwater, I don’t see how he could have without some serious explaining.

  6. Where to start on this article. Most of these so called mistakes you listed are not mistakes at all, you may need to re-watch the movie and listen as well as look next time as not everything is spelled out for you.
    1. The assassin Patrice uses those types of bullets as a calling card its is mmo. Like many known serial killers he’s leaving his mark.
    3. Its hinted at in the first Silva encounter with bond as caused by a gas explosion.
    4. Who is to say their are not CIA agents watching him. What are they suppose to announce them selves with a big red hat and sign. Just because we can’t see them does not been their are not CIA watching.
    5. Severine is Silva’s mistress as well as underlying who does jobs for him like many bond women in the bond films for example similar to the Maud Adams character in the man with the golden gun. As for the boat its shown Silva can get what ever he wants by the Severine speech to bond about the island Silvas headquarters is on, so why should getting a boat be a big deal. And as for bond getting captured that was his intent as a way to lead him to Silva and he has a gutsy cocky attitude so that’s how he planned to do it.
    6. Who says Silva did not know bond had the radio after all he wanted to be captured and taken back to MI6 as evidenced by his computer hacking the system and him escaping capture to go after M.
    7. Silva killing M was personal he wanted to humiliate her before killing her. This is even stated verbatim in the film.
    8. Bond knew Silva had MI6 information and ways of finding out things that were supposedly top secret so he wanted somewhere completely off the grid that only he knew about and its surroundings.
    9. Bond did not bring an army because he did not trust MI6 as a whole apart from some individuals such as Q and thought Silva would catch wind of the idea.
    12. The list was recovered when capturing Silva. Silva really did not care about the list as it was all about getting to M.

    • 1. PAtrice is a professional assassin, not a serial killer. The whole point of assassins is NOT to leave an identifying mark.
      3. So MI6–a professional spy organization Has a hackable server that connects to their gas lineS? I don’t buy it.
      4. OK, fair enough, but they could have helped Bond catch him.
      5. Bond PLANNED to get captured? Then he’s not the Bond I remember from CAsino Royale.
      6. Well, I suppose it’s hard to argue with that, but WHY did he want to get captured? Couldn’t he have just skipped the getting captured part, flown to London, and shot M in the face? Or even just kept on humiliating her from afar for longer?
      8. There are lots of off-the-grid places with stockpiles of weapons that would have been better.
      9. So none of the agents in MI6 are trustworthy except Bond? Then they;re worse than 24’s CTU with all its moles. It’s the JOB of agents to do covert operations.
      12. Yeah, the list was recaptured, but did they even decrypt it? The movie sort of forgot about the list completely. Also he might have had the foresight to email a copy to an ally somewhere. That’s what I would do, and I’m not the second best agent in MI6.

  7. Can someone please explain, if James Bond is a pseudonym, why is his father also called Bond? Coincidence?

  8. What do you think of this one? What spy agency would plug a hacker’s laptop directly to their network? This movie is so stupid from the beginning to the end!

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