One comment on “Game of Thrones Gets More Epic, Also More Confusing (episodes 3 and 4)

  1. This season definitely feels more rushed than the previous ones. It is a hard job, filling in one episode with all of thosw characters. I do wish we had longer lasting scenes, that the shifting from character to character would take longer to happen. Having also read the books (I started after season 2), I was wondering if the problem was on my side of the court, but even my boyfriend complains that some of the episodes seem to be all over he place and yet have very little content.

    The problem is the books are so good, so rich, so freaking amazing they are a mammoth, and Benff and Weiss must have bitten off more than they could chew, at least this season. Jon Snow’s story is probably the one that suffered the most with this. Bran never had much book time by this stage, but the parts he did have had a lot more detail, we could see his dream, and here it’s all talk, all terribly bland. Theon’s part I won’t complain about. Danny’s part is aaaawesome. Robb’s part I jst don’t even care about (defense mechanism, I can’t invest emotions on his character knowing the full story). Arya’s story is ok, but it’s missing something I can’t quite point out (less but longer scenes maybe?) Tyrion is too good of a character to be used so little. Tywin is ok I guess. Loving the Queen of Thornes, Cersei, Brienne, Jaime.

    I just wish they could make more episodes to get more stuff into them without this rushed and diluted feeling. I do understand how hard this must be though, with all the limits they must have. This story is so good it just deserves more more and more.

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