3 comments on “The Bear and the Maiden Fair offers 5 minutes of bear, 15 of awkward sex talks.

  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on this season, and Theon’s storyline is annoying me to no end. Not to mention two episodes in a row (7 and 8) with a psychosexual torture scene, albeit Gendry replacing Theon. Sadly I don’t dig the Ygritte/Jon romance either because it seems so clunky in the world their in, so romancy, and I don’t think their chemistry is all that great..

    • It is rather romance-ey, I suppose, but the dialogue is pretty sharp and I think they have good chemistry. Still, I see why you might not like it. At times it gets repetitive, with the whole “north vs. south” culture-clash thing being overplayed.

      What were your thoughts on the most recent episode? Have you seen it? I thought it was good, but altogether less emotional than I was expecting.

      • True, there is some witty dialogue, but at the same time I think the dialogue can be kind of gimmicky-awkward.

        Yes, episode 9! (I have about a day lag behind because I live in Taiwan, but managed to see it without reading any spoilers). I definitely thought it was good, and I was surprised (being a non-book-reader), although I clicked the murder sequence as soon as the doors closed.. so the impact was a little lost on me. And I didn’t feel emotional so much as excited that something was finally happening!!

        I blogged about it: https://strangeronfilm.wordpress.com … and am just going to read your thoughts on it now!

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