3 comments on “Game of Thrones–Weddings are so Much Fun

  1. Yes, some very far-fetched survival for Dany’s men I felt too! I also feel Dany/Daario is a very far-fetched and ridiculously fast moving romance.

    Enjoyed Argus Filch in the role a lot also!

    • I guess they fought the entire enemy army on their own? I’m not sure Dany/Daario is a romance so much as pure luston both their parts–and Dany has been a long time without any sex, so I guess she’s moving fast. I wasn’t a fan of the music during the whole red wedding sequence–it brought the whole thing down for me. Why couldn’t they have played the King of the North theme, it’s perfect for that sort of situation?

      • Must’ve done… The enemy army must’ve been rubbish!

        The music for me was a dead give-away of what was going to happen, I think it made everything too obviouus too early and it would’ve been more exciting if they’d toned it down.

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